Apr 25, 2012

toot, toot.

Today was wiiiiindy. 

Which is awesome because the wind blows away the smog and we get some blue sky! 

gloriousness in the hood. 

Yesterday was a windy day in my heart so I decided not to blog. "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't any anything at all," was my mentality. I was blatantly disrespected by a rude piece of crap student and that sent me wheeling from my place of contentment and stability. But I went and had a date with my BFF the treadmill and after 4 miles and a body pump class I felt a lot better. American students can be so aggressive and self-absorbed. Seeing your own culture from a place of neutrality is a wake-up call sometimes. The next time I want to go, "American gung-ho," on someone I will remember this incident when someone was unnecessarily rude to me and remind myself that kindness is more important than being right. *edit: I just received an email apology.

Lessons learned.

In awesomer news, an exciting thing happened today. I turned in my first philosophy paper in all Chine.se. Weeeeeee! I'm nervous to see what my advisor says. I'm anticipating something along the lines of, "you are illiterate and incoherent but it's sweet that you tried, crazy white person."

This paper was one tiny drop in the whole ocean of my education, but it felt good to accomplish something nonetheless. My plan is to write my short articles in Ch.inese myself, and then write my dissertation in English and pay (a millionzillion dollars) to have it professionally translated so that I have both an English and a Chin.ese copy.

In the end of all of this, I have to stand and give my oral defense in Chin.ese (not too scary) and turn my paper in in Chine.se. But, having a Chin.ese dissertation is no good to me in the states and my writing level is ions behind my speaking level, so I will write the paper in English and pay a native speaker to translate it. There are companies that do this. Though they charge an arm and a leg, it's necessary for me to have it professionally translated so my dissertation doesn't sound like a 4 year old wrote it. I might pay a student friend to do it so that I am helping someone I know financially, we'll see when it gets time to make those decisions.

Something else I learned today is that paper writing is 87% more enjoyable with a sweet lil' kitty cat in your lap. I did a scientific study...

One day my kids will mock me for posting pictures like this on the internet. 

Wanna "read" my short paper? Sure ya do!

司马谈: “論六家要旨.”
(Principles of Six Mentors)

司马谈(公元前190-110,是前汉时期的著名历史学家前汉(公元前206年)。他开始写中国历史最悠久的世界历史,“史记史记,是由他的儿子司马迁司马迁完成。他来自夏阳夏阳(现代韩城韩城,陕西),并开始作为一个农民,他的生命,但他有受教育的机会,因此他的渊博知识而闻名。他成为弟子的天文学家唐都,唐都和他杨杨何,在儒家经典“易经易经”周易“的专家。一个是他的第三个教师黄子,一个道士。有了这样的教育,他被任命为大占星家(taishicheng太史丞)根据汉武帝汉武帝 (141-87公元前)的助手,并最终被任命为大占星家(taishiling太史令)

司马谈编书纶刘家要旨的论六家要旨,是六个流行的哲学学校,儒家,墨家,辩证法,法家,阴阳的思想家和道家的主要教义概述。在这本书中,他强调,所有学校都取得了重要和有益的贡献,然而,他更倾向于亲自道教教义。这是按照一般的政治气候下皇帝盛行文汉文帝(180-157 BCE)和京汉景帝(157-141公元前)。司马谈认为,阴阳,儒,墨,名家,法家,参与到道教(道家思想)。其中,“阴阳”,从字面上看,是 “阴阳正大” 邹衍的理论。在道教文学,书 “老子” 中没有提到 “阴阳正大”,“儒学”,“墨子”,“明佳”,“发正大” 的思想。事实上,“老子” 的书就是在 “黄老” 学生点黄老。

司马谈了像 “国语” 的史学来源国语,战国策战国策, 世本或楚汉春秋楚汉春秋开始编制使用所有这些不同的来源,包括在皇家档案馆的实际来源为当代历史历史。公元前110年司马谈陪同他前往山汉武帝。泰山泰山,他打算在那里执行凤山封禅祭祀天地。司马谈病倒了,不得不留在周南,周南,他在那里去世。在他临终前,他委托他的儿子司马迁与编纂史记。

司马谈的文章:論六家要旨,” 说明了中国哲学最重要的神学在他的时间,汉朝。他的作品今天仍然是重要的。特别是对道教和阴阳的学生。

Toot! Toot! my own horn. I'm so happy I wrote a paper. 
Progress, a fabulous thing. 

Here's hoping for blue skies, non-aggressive students, and a merciful advisor as he grades that thing. 
And a kitty in my lap 24/7.

walk slow. xoxo. 


agapelife said...

Finishing a paper is always an amazing feeling of accomplishment (or simply sweet relief).
But to finish one in another language...girl you're crazy insane awesome.

The New Edwards said...

I just translated your whole paper. Nicely done. Go eat some vegan ice cream :-)