Apr 3, 2012

Qing Ming.

I want to go everywhere in the world.

Just not today.

Today I wanted to sit in my dorm with my cat and drink imported wine while reading my Kindle. I wanted to wander around with no destination and eat fruit from street vendors. I wanted to walk slowly down the sidewalks instead of having to hurry somewhere.

So that's exactly what I did.

Monday (today) - Wednesday is a public holiday here in Ch.inaville. The Qing Ming (tomb sweeping) festival is upon us again. Chine.se people return home and are supposed to literally sweep the tombs of their ancestors in order to pay their respects (and other superstitious honky I can't remember). The holiday is sometimes referred to as, "Chi.nese Halloween," but I don't agree. Nobody gave me any candy all day.

In past years, I have taken these coveted days off and travelled - seen a new corner of this land. This year, I am giving myself time off from life. All I want out of these three days is amazing workouts and lots of coffee/wine dates with my long lost friends.

Things are starting out just as I hoped. Today I met a friend for coffee and we wandered around for awhile. It was so nice to just...exist, and the weather today was fab. Three weeks ago I was in 4 layers and long johns. Today, a tank top and light sweater that I took off! Whooohoooooo for Spring!

Spring also brings us pineapple on a stick! Sold for 30cents on the street outside fruit markets. H-e-a-v-e-n. Yum yum yum. I love knowing what fruit we will get in what season. I know the year calendar now of Chi.nese holidays and cultural nuances that go along with the timing of those holidays. Pineapple/Qing Ming season is fab.

After fruit, it was time for the electronic market where my friend wanted to look for a new computer case. The electronics market is a swirl of knock-off everything. And we got to see one of the latest trends here in Chi.natown...dog dyeing. (sp?) Rich people dye their dogs ears and tails. This little guy even has on sneakers and a denim get-up. Ha. I just hope the dye is safe for dogs! Most of the pet dogs here are little poodles. There are laws about how big your dog can be (not big).

After leaving my friend, I set out walking home (I HAVE to buy myself a bike soon so I can get around faster, but I am still mourning the loss of my yellow one...). I stopped into a Pho restaurant for this glorios bowl of deliciousness....vegetarian pho.

Pho makes me remember my grad school summer in California when we would walk down the street to get Pho because no one had cars to go anywhere else. ha. This bowl was just what I needed to fuel up for the long, slow walk home.

When I returned to my humble abode, I found that Mushu was enjoying the nice weather as much as me! Love that fluffy face.

It's been a great first day of Qing Ming - intentionally relaxing.

Happy Tomb Sweeping Festival. Or Halloween.
Someone send me some twizzlers.

walk slow. xoxo.


Anonymous said...

Will you email me your address? ellie.h.baggett@ehi.com

love you. xoxo.

agapelife said...

time off sounds amazing! and that's an awesome pic of your cat, I miss you