Apr 21, 2012

ticket to the next adventure.

Today I was asked my by neighbor to visit Sri Lanka this summer. "Please visit us in the holiday. You can bring your cat," were his exact words. 

I'm pretty sure quarantine officials would not welcome Mushu's presence on a Sri Lankan holiday, but his offer sparked my wanderlust again. It's been 2 months since returning from India and I'm itching to go somewhere. Somewhere exotic and new.

But then I reigned in my wandering spirit. One adventure at a time. (says my bank account and my sanity.) 

The FedEx man called this morning, (speaking Chin.ese makes life so much easier) and I met him at my school gate for the ticket to my next impending adventure. 

Once I realized what he was bringing me, I ran to him.

Thank you, Mr. Postman for my Great Wall Half Marathon race packet!!!
I cried when I opened this thing! 

I squeeled then hugged the FedEx man. It scared him. All 4'10" of his Ch.inese self. (if a 5'10" redheaded stranger squeeled and hugged me, I'd be freaked out, too). I like to think these outbursts are good for international relations. :) ha. 

Entrance ticket to the Great Wall section that the race is held on,
and lunch coupon (I've heard rumors it's Subway!) That's reason
enough to finish in the time limit! (8 hours). 

I'm kind of peeved that I ordered a L shirt. I thought
it would be Ch.inese sizes, but it's American sizes. So I've got a big ol' dry fit (!) shirt. It's ok, I'll
wear it around with proud, saggy shoulders and all. 

This is really happening. 

Maybe I should book my tickets to Beijing? Sri Lanka will have to wait in line. There's an adventure waiting list. First thing's first...

walk slow. xoxo.

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Mom said...

How exciting!!!!!!!!!! We can't wait to hear about it!!!!!