Jan 19, 2012

outrageously awesome and fabulously scary.


India continues to amaze and challenge us. The last fews days have been nuts. I and one of the dudes got incredibly sick which resulted in a doctor visit for the dude (not me) and a re-arranging of our entire travel itinerary. We are no longer visiting the Mother Teresa House in Calcutta (I'm so sad), but it is for the best because it saves us 36 hours of trains and hopefully will keep our systems in check with less movement. Everyone is better now, and we are still obsessed with being here.

We are leaving Varanasi tonight for Agra (TAJ MAHAL!). I'm so excited. We have an overnight train, then another train.

My feelings on Varanasi are very complicated. It is a crazy place and slated to be the craziest one of our itinerary. Lonely Planet says this city, "isn't for the faint of heart," and I will agree. But it is fascinating.

Last night Zach and I took a river boat to a hindu ceremony and saw more burnings. Surreal. We watched people light lotus candles and pray over them and place them in the river. All for good kharma for a better next life.

Last night and this morning we have been stringing together poems and raps to desribe what is happening in the moment. I feel so often like I have been plucked out of my life and placed into this crazy environment, that I am in the bustle of the city, but not of it. I feel sometimes like I am watching life happen around me. We are often too afraid to even cross the street in the mess of cows, tuk tuks, and people. It is outrageously awesome and fabulously scary.

Here is an example of our soon-to-be award winning poetry:

There's a lizard in the shower.
There's a monkey on the patio.

There's a cow in the alley.
There's a fart in the air.

There's an Adam at the doctor.
There's a poop in his pants.

There's chanting in the cabin.
There's tea in the pot.

There's kites on the wires.
There's candles in the river.


And our grammy winning raps go something like this:

But some shoes on those feet,
You're getting AIDS, You're getting AIDS!

Someone feed that dog,
Steppin' in poo ain't lucky, Steppin' in poo ain't lucky!

Refrain: That goat's about to die, that goat's about to die...

We might be going nuts. But I'll never regret it.
Next stop: Agra!


Walk slow. xoxo.

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agapelife said...

gosh, what a crazy wonderful life you lead. Can't wait to see pictures (i hope you are taking them!)