Jan 6, 2012

international mess and a non-resolution.

A dear, dear friend of mine once referred to me as an, "international mess," and it kind of stuck.

She was referring to my penchant for just throwing things in a suitcase at the last minute before a big trip and carrying several small bags instead of a large suitcase. I am not a good packer. I always regret my clothing and shoe choices. It's just inevitable.

Unfortunately for this international mess, there is a quick turn around for unpacking my overflowing American suitcase and re-packing my backpacking backpack.

Yesterday was spent with Team India sitting in Z's apartment looking at Google image pictures of the Pakistan/India border closing ceremony and deciding who is bringing what. (chargers, body wash, etc. get divied up so not everyone brings a million things that we all use).

We then bike rode in the freezing cold to a sports store to pick up some last minute items. I got a sleeping bag, a fleece, and a flashlight. Our planning times together are a good prelude to the three weeks of constant togetherness we have coming up. For example, me in the fleece section, "Should I get a purple or blue fleece?" Them: "Jessica, we don't care!"


Anyways, besides the packing debacle I find myelf in, I am enjoying being with baby Mu Shu kitty for a few short days. I missed his furry face...

and the Chine.se New Year decorations are out in full swing! This guy greeted me at the grocery store yesterday...Happy Year of the Dragon!

Schools are just about to let out for their month holiday and most of my friends are about to leave on their own journey's soon. (to go home for Christmas I just peaced out of my life, there is no Christmas break here, break starts now).

Grocery stores are stocking New Year lucky candy and lucky red underwear!

I know I'm a little behind on the whole, "New Year's" thing, but I am still thinking of my golas for 2012. I do not really believe in resolutions, or bucket lists for that matter. I think people should just do what they want whether it is on a list or not.

But I do like the idea of goals.

After some time farting around on Pinterest I found this and tucked it away into my heart...

I'm off to meet a friend for coffee and then yoga. Anything to get away from unpacking and re-packing. :)

walk slow. xoxo.

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