Jan 22, 2012

boy lessons.

10 Things I'm learning while traveling India with two All-American dudes:

1. The 3 morning "s's" shit, shower, shave.
2. Diarrhea does not discriminate.
3. Apparently, shower caps are really funny.
4. I hold manners in high esteem. Really, really high esteem.
5. Penis jokes are still funny when someone is 29 years old.
6. No matter how loud or great my fart/burp is, I will be outdone. And probably soon.
7. Everyone deserves a chance to be weak/scared/anxious sometimes.
8. Chips and soda is a yummy and perfectly decent train breakfast.
9. Two pairs of boxers is an acceptable amount of underwear to bring on a 3 week trip - until you poop in them.
10. I'm a tough broad.

Did I mention, manners? :)

walk slow. xoxo.


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Wow! Wisdom in action!!!!