Jan 5, 2012

let the randomness begin.

One of my "causes" that I like to harp on when I am home in the good ol' USA is to try to convince people that my life in Chi.na is normal.

I get up in the morning and have instant coffee.
I ride a bus to work.
I watch tv on my laptop in the evenings after doing some work online.
I read books while laying in bed on Saturday mornings.
I have a cat and go to the gym 5x a week.
I eat Subway 3x a week (at least).

See, normal...right?

But then things like tonight happen.

And I find myself (not even 24 hours after landing in the country) falling asleep in a red sports car with furry seats. The car got into a fender bender and I was hanging out inside to keep warm while a swarm of Asians worked their fancy cell phones and looked at the slight damage.

This is after I had a late-night sushi dinner with two random, loaded, young Chin.ese men - one of whom I met in a bar a few months ago and never heard from again until tonight. He texted me to hang out and I thought, "Why not? My Ch.inese needs some brushing up!" And twenty minutes later was being chauffered along in a sports car. Two of them, one of me, Kei$ha playing on the speakers.

In a car with furry seats. That got in a fender bender.

In Ch.ina.

I then had to give them directions to drive me home (all we speak is Chi.nese) and I realized to myself, "whoohooo I've still got it!" ("It" being Chine.se.)

I'm not doing very good on aiding my, "my life is normal," case, am I?

I'm back in Ch.inatown. Let the randomness begin.

walk slow. xoxo.

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