Oct 27, 2011

what the...?

A monumental occasion occurred yesterday afternoon.

I put on my big girl panties and actually went to class.


I showed up ten minutes early with my 800 bags in tow (gym bag, school bag, work bag...I carry around so many bags,) and stood in the hallway of the education building trying to chat it up with my random classmates.

*please like me, please like me, please take pity on me* is my new mantra and I just made fun of myself and acted a fool in Chi.nese until I had my classmates laughing and looking at each other like, "who is this girl?"

But alas, time for class came and I resorted to old habits and hid in the back by a student who did not look the least bit happy to sit by me, "crap, I don't want to have to help this girl," his face said.

From my hiding perch in the back...

Class went along and I understood less than usual. They are giving presentations on topics like, "phenomenology" and "hermeneutics" (this is after looking them up in my dictionary...)

My class notes have nothing to do with the class topic, but instead I make a stream of consciousness list of new (or forgotten) Chine.se words I hear being used...

I would be lost without my dictionary. But sometimes, the dictionary fails me and I find myself playing a silent game of, "what the *beep* are they talking about??"

I look up a sound of what I think I heard. Then the trusty dictionary gives me a list of options it could be - all based on the tone the sounds were said in - (yikes). Every so often, this list makes no sense and leaves me wondering what the heck these people are talking about.

Exhibit A in the game of, "what the *beep* are they talking about?"

my choices: disastrous or silkworm eggs.....?????

Exhibit B...

prison, spiritual tongues, or domain/sphere/territory....????

Exhibit C....

bonnet, statue of Mao, or human chronic gjoijvjnslivnd...???

Then of course, the ultimate act of, "I do not care" - self-portraits in class.

Silkworms, jail, Mao, bonnets...what are these people talking about?!??!?!

I have no idea. And somehow I am supposed to pass this class.


walk slow. xoxo.

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