Oct 8, 2011

back in the game.

Whoa, holy no-blogging streak!

Well no worries, friends, I'm back in the game.

Things have been weird around here because there was a week holiday for Chin.ese National Day. My "routine" is completely thrown off.

I've been staying up way too late, sleeping in way too late, getting 8 million blind massages, ignoring my Chin.ese homework, cleaning/tutoring/gym-ing a lot, and contemplating/researching getting a pet (cat, rabbit, gerbil, fish...any suggestions for a dorm pet?)

Here's a little story for ya.

Every Saturday night I tutor my ex-bosses teenage daughter. Nini comes to my dorm with her daughter Yi. While Yi and I sit on my little 2-seater couch, Nini goes on my computer and enjoys my VPN (service that allows me behind the Chin.ese FireWall).

It is always entertaining to go into my computer after they leave and see what she has searched for.

Today it was in this order: (typos are hers)

how to loss weight
pancreas cancer
Florida beech
how to control weight
American video

She makes me laugh. Such a funny, strange, inquisitive woman.

I promise more stories and a regular blogging schedule. Regular working schedule/school starts Monday! (blah)

walk slow. xoxo.

1 comment:

Mom said...

Glad you're back! I was getting a little worried!