Oct 22, 2011

bits and pieces of happy.

There are lots of things making me happy today. I'm trying to find them.

It's been a good, normal day - besides my advisor's texts about attending an, "entreprenuerial education" seminar on Monday - all day. I told him I can't go all day and that I do not give a crap about entrepreneurial anything, but he insists I go because there will be other foreigners there and I need to show my white face to make the school look good. Bah.

So, let's focus on the happy...

Friends and birthday parties make me happy.

Today's sunset made me happy. (so did the 800 natives who looked at me like I was crazy when I stopped biking to take this pic).

The back of this package of crackers makes me happy...

"It can serve as snacks during the breaks at school or work, and is undoubtedly the best choice for people working in the field, on business or sight-seeing trips on voyages, and the like."

This gigantic package of Walmart brand dried seaweed snacks makes me happy (I LOVE seaweed snacks!)...

And baby Mu Shu kitty makes me happy...

Today one of my students asked me to be their thesis advisor - this makes me nervous as well as happy. I do not feel completely qualified, but after some soul searching and asking of the question, "what does someone become qualified, does it come with age? And when does that happen?" I decided to go forward in discussions with the student and his direction of study. I have the same qualifications as many of the other professors, just not as many years of professional work experience, but someone will have to be my first advisee and why not start now?

And now I'm catching up on tv thanks to my VPN and drinking some tea...generally happy.

I hope you are too (happy. not necessarily the tv and tea part.)

walk slow. xoxo.

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