Oct 10, 2011

Mao Mao and social gatherings.

Today was another day heading to the outskirts of civilization to observe a student's class.

The class went really well and I was really happy about my job (as per usual).

Tomorrow I get to go even further to a city 1.5 hours away and observe 2 more students. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get there tomorrow - I'm always nervous about transportation details, especially when I am the teacher and CANNOT be late. I feel like after a million years in Chinaville I am going to be a pro at any cities transportation system. At least that's one thing goin' for me, huh? ;)

After work I came home and c-r-a-s-h-e-d.

And woke up with this little dude sleeping next to me making baby sounds!

The final decision on his name is....Mao Mao! For a few hours this afternoon he was Oliver. But then after some consultation and realizing the name doesn't fit his personality, it got reverted back to a Chin.ese name and Mao Mao was the final answer.

The people in the market were calling him "Mimi" (secret), so I think keeping it close to those sounds is better for him, anyways.

We are bonding pretty well. When I left to meet a frind for dinner tonight I waited to see what he did, and he came to the door crying. I came in and out of the door 3 times and he cried every time I left. I am hoping these are baby behaviors that he will grow out of (or else I might get caught sooner than I think.) But I think it's precious that he likes me so soon. A few other friends came over tonight and he played with them, so I think I got a good one - or at least he's social and friendly.

Tonight was another blogging fail in that I did not have my camera with me! That keeps happening to me!

My friend and I were outside of our alley way heading to a store and noticed hoards of people, large lights, banners, and a zillion police in lines.

Our immediate reaction was, "oh no, stay far away."

Any time there is a gathering of Chin.ese people or many policemen in one place it is discomforting. Because who knows what the crap is going on and you for sure do not want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We stood for a second to take in the situation and read the signs. It was a dance (or performance something) being held outside our school's main gate for the upcoming Chi.na Disabled Games (this Wednesday).

It is interesting that whenever there is a performance or large gathering, there are soooo manyyyy police. We mentioned it looked like one police for every bystander (for real). They really have this place under lock and key. What is going on in the US right now (wallstreet whatever?) would last for maybe 1 second here and would end in those people disappearing.

(and can we all agree that Americans should be more thankful for what they have in terms of rights?)

My friend and I did have a good laugh saying under our breath...."Viva La Facebook!" "We want Youtube! We want Youtube!" Then we scampered back to our dorm laughing/commenting about culture and government and life.

And Mao Mao was waiting for us when we arrived at our dorm.

And now I will finish a Chin.ese online test with the background music of a hoard of N. Koreans singing down the hall and clapping off tune.

One day I will be sitting in my comfortable, carpeted, central air'd home in America. I will listen to crickets and gaze at the stars and sit on a comfy sofa. And will miss nights like this - in a Chin.ese dorm. Stressed about bus routes to nearby cities. Drowning out N. Koreans because their ruckus is scaring my cat.

My cat named Mao Mao.

walk slow. xoxo.

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Anonymous said...

Love Mao Mao he is so handsome. Steer clear of manic dancing parties you never know when it could turn into Asia jersey shore. Loving you. Fbook message me your address? Xoxo, ellie