Oct 28, 2011

my heart.

Fun fact: I have been called by two different men on their wedding day. One white, one yellow. One the month after I graduated college and one last summer.

The human heart is able to withstand so much.
We really are resilient, aren't we?

I was hand delivered a wedding invitation today. By someone I have not seen in 1.5 years. My first (naive, ignorant, immature, reckless) love.

It came with a side of, "You know you will always be special to me."

One of the most painful sentences to hear.

(don't worry, I sweated it all out on the treadmill and left my feelings there to die).

My poor, bitter, non-overweight heart.

This weekend is going to be a doozy - tutoring 2 kids, a Halloween party, online work, shopping for a wedding gift, gym, coffee with a friend, getting my hair done - all culminating in Sunday's all-day wedding festivities.

The heart is a resilient, courageous organ.

walk slow. xoxo.

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