Jul 15, 2012

so excited I could cry.

Today was a regular ol' Saturday...

 Rach and I got haircuts...

humidity - 1, haircuts - 0

Mushu and I took a nap together and he woke me up by chewing on my toes telling me he was hungry...

 Got an evening foot massage with Yemi while we watched Blood Diamond on the tv's. And I remain true to my old conviction that I don't want a diamond engagement ring...(pink sapphire all the way, FTW).

Pre- reflexology soak. Happiness. 

And then Yemi and I returned to the dorm and she told me with a sly little grin that she had something to show me.

It wasn't this black mold growing on the walls...that's old news...

no wonder my plants don't survive. 

TADA!!!!! We got an automatic washing machine!!!!!



One of my main complaints of the dorm is that we didn't have an automatic washer. We had this archaic thing that you had to fill yourself with a tub and then squoosh around. But not anymore! This baby is a Panasonic! With different settings! There's no hot water hook up, but I still have my bucket and can pour hot water in from the boiler seen behind the washer.

They only replaced the washer on the second floor. (There is one on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors for the whole dorm). I am hoping they plan to replace the other two as well, or else the wait for this washer is going to be intense once the new students arrive in August and the dorm is full again.

But alas, for the next few weeks, there are few people in the dorm and I can do all the laundry I want in a real washer for free!!!!

This is a game-changer, baby. Life just got a whole lot more convenient and comfortable.

PTL, Hallelujah, Amen.

Whooohoooooo! Happy Saturday!

walk slow. xoxo. 

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