Jul 12, 2012

"head and shoulders" like you've never seen it before.

These summer days are really fabulous. 

Today I got my first week's pay for teaching this little monster...

Maybe I can use the money to get a hair implant on my giant forehead...

They live in a foofy area near the river and I walked out to the river to check out the "view" after our morning session. Turns out there is no view besides mud and gray...but at least I got to see something new. That was fun.


Foofy area.

trees, mountains, smog, rich people. 

I met up with some friends for manicures this afternoon and got briht green nails. I think I was influenced by the fact that Eason and I read, "The Princess and the Frog" today. Manicure time was fun. I had a precious girl do my nails who told me if I am lonely this summer, to go see her and then went into a 5 minute story telling about how her and some friends went to the Hangzhou Amusement Park and she was so scared of the roller coasters. Absolutely precious and so fun to be talked to in Chi.nese like a normal person - to hear real life stuff. I just loved her spirit. I'll def be going back there for a nail polish and some high-quality company.

During my Walmart run this afternoon, I picked up this awesome fan. It's a fan in the shape of a rice bowl and then it comes with stickers you can place on it in to shape of different foods. Awesome invention alert! I tried to make mine vegetarian but added some fish balls. (I'm also failing at being a real life vegetarian, but that's another post all together...) I love this fan! So cute! I can't wait to be the fat foreigner waving my rice bowl fan at the bus stop. Yum Yum. Pass the soy sauce.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is Eason's fabulous rendition of "head, shoulders, knees and toes." Sorry I can't figure out how to flip the video. I'm tech-dumb. But turn your neck to the left and watch my little student during one of our "breaks" where we sing a medley of songs because he is 7 years old and has too much energy to sit in a chair for 2 hours and do textbook exercises. Our medley consists of, "Head and shoulders," "The more we play together," and, "I am special." The dance moves are entirely him. He was totally cracking me up so I grabbed my phone to be able to share the moment. 


I have bright green nails, a fan shaped like Chi.nese take-out, and a hip-shaking 7 year old student. Good day.

walk slow. xoxo. 


Jennifer said...

hahah bro is interpretive dancing. "you do it the most special way.."

Ke Xiao Mei said...

Today's was even better. He bent over and smacked his butt for about 3 minutes while singing, "I am special.". I have no idea what this family is teaching him. ha.