Jul 7, 2012

hot as hades.

I keep reminding myself that somewhere around 40% of the world's population lives in a slum and I need to be thankful for what I have. 

But even with those statements meant to gain perspective, I am still perturbed that my air conditioner is broken and it is a "feels like" of 102 here in glorious, humid Hangzhou. 

My friend called it, "Hellzhou," the other day and weather-wise, she might be onto something. 

Even Mushu is exhausted by the summer heat and lack of cool air conditioning. 

Little does he know that he is the problem. Without a secret cat, I could just tell the dorm guys and have it fixed in a week. But alas, I am mentally forming a plan to get it fixed without them finding out about Baby Kitty. 

I suck at puzzles and logistics though, so figuring out what to do is taking some time. 

Meanwhile, I have purchased a bamboo sleeping mat that the Ch.inese people use to keep cool while they slumber in the summer. (these people use like zero electricity, even in the Chi.nese student dorms they have no AC). 

I have found that sleeping naked on this thing is a thousand times cooler than in regular cotton sheets. (sorry for the visual). The only problem is I am slightly concerned about getting a splinter in a strange place. But the coolness outways the risks...

I'm also now a card-carrying member of the sunbrella club. My mom got me this sun umbrella in the Shanghai subway and I'm wondering why I've scoffed at the things for so many years. It's hot as H-E-double hockey sticks and this thing helps deter the sun. (behind the pollution, of course). Thanks, mom!

 In other, less boiling news, because it is summer and we should do fun things, Yemi and I went to our fave restaurant a few nights ago. Instead of ordering the "fragile melon of pig's ear is inserted," we tried to get the, "vegetable salad," as our vegetable.

But they were out of vegetable salad and instead brought us lettuce drenched in peanut butter.

Apparently this is what they thought foreigners would like? Interesting. It wasn't bad, though apples or celery would have been a better choice than lettuce.

Tomorrow is my last day of rest before I start my 6 week, "summer routine," of tutoring a kid and taking Chi.nese classes next week. I think I'm going in search of a pool. I have a sunbrella I'd like to show off.

walk slow. xoxo. 


Mom said...

Wow! There really was a lot of peanut butter on that lettuce! Hope you can get the regular salad next time!

Miss Lynda said...

I agree.... that lunch would definitely stick to your ribs and last a while. Phew! But I thought it was nice that they tried to think of you, rather than just tell you "No salad"! Oh well. And about the cookie detail... little do they know what a beautiful and charming lady you truly are. Score: Him 0 You 10!
Way to go girl. I am so happy that you and your mom had such a wonderful visit. She had me in tears yesterday telling me about some of your shopping adventures. I know everyone in the restaurant was wondering what the heck I was laughing about. You, your mom and your sister are three of the most amazing women I have had the good fortune to meet. I am so very thankful that our lives were allowed to cross path's. We have truly had some great adventures. And it's not over yet! Love you bunches!

Anonymous said...

oh man. that bamboo mat looks like the idea of the century. best wishes on avoiding the splinters. give mushu my love. xoxo, ellie b.

tiffany said...

i love your blog! keep writing! i live in tai.yuan northern chi.na, shan.xi province... come visit me! i have LOTS of room :) i work a lot rght now because of summer schedule...i would also love to meet you :) maybe i could visit you in sept? email me... mail4tiff@yahoo.com