Jul 29, 2012

a week in review.

I was a slow-poke blogger last week. 

By the time evening came each day I was too tired to write, so a lot of great stuff went untold! Here are some pics to fill in this week's memory when I'm old. (I'm a poet and don't know it). 

Mushu has decided that I should never sleep again in my life. He accomplishes his goal by meowing at my face while I sleep or deciding to sleep on my back/stomach whatever is facing upwards. This is not exciting and I am thinking kitty character camp may need to be established. 

kittyyyyy let me sleeeep.

In more exciting news, Ch.inese class is going (expensively) well. I love my teacher, I am her biggest fan, and my notes look like someone who knows what they are doing. And I'm kinda proud of myself. toot, toot. 

not too cool for school.

My friend Yemi and I are keeping up our dinner dates at the best restaurant ever, Green Tea. "Bread Temptation" is the best thing on the menu. Literally cubed bread topped with ice cream. The two of us finish this thing. Then I go home and do squats. #trustory.

worth it. 

A fave international student hang out joint closed a few months ago to move locations. It is now re-opened with a nerve-racking sign in the bathroom.

Who translated that?

And my monkey child is still up to no good and precious as ever. Our three-hour-a-day classes are going ok. He hasn't thrown me out the window yet and I get to brush up on my simple math skills.

He is better than me at math. 

And I caught this corgeous sunset from the bus window. We NEVER get sunsets like this in downtown. It was a fab moment.

grace everyday. 

My friend Michael gifted me these pearls for heping with a project. A wonderful (and much needed) reminder that I am loved by those around me and not lacking in anything. Don't you know that about yourself too? If I could send you some pearls, I would. ;)

I've got good people. 

And that, my faithful friends (or just my memory, haha) was last week in review. On to the next post that is the hilarity of today...

walk slow. xoxo. 

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