Aug 13, 2011

no spitting.


Lots happens here. I almost forgot. Every day could be like 800 hilarious blog posts.

But I forget most everything by the time I get home and crash. Oh well.


So anyways. I started tutoring 2 high school boys today. It's a short-term gig for the head nurses (Zheng)'s son and nephew before they start school. For the next ten days we will spend 2 hours each morning together.

This morning as I sat across the table from them at Zheng's house and felt happy. Just really happy.

I love teaching.

I love going to Chin.ese peoples houses and sharing with them my life and their lives.

I love teaching English - because through language learning so many ideas and lessons are shared.

I love that after our lesson ended I did not leave for 1.5 hours because we all sat down together and had hand-made noodles. Zheng, her hubby, her son, and nephew and I sat around the table and spoke Ch.inese - our common language.

And then I rode the bus to the gym and realized: I love Chi.nese - the language. Speaking makes me happy, like I'm doing what I'm made to do. (deep).

Truth is, I was expecting the return to this time to be very difficult, basically dreading it the whole trip. I thought I would get hit with culture shock and be angry at Ch.ina for being, well,

But I'm not.

In fact, surprisingly, quite the opposite has happened.

My second night back, I was in a taxi with my friend Steph and the driver was all giddy to have us in his car. Our conversation went like this:

Him: Where are you from?
Me: Guess.
Him: Russia?
Me: No. Guess again.
Him: America?
Me: One of us is from America, which one?
Him: Guesses Steph
Steph: Nope, she is, I'm not. I'm from England.
Him: England? But you guys look similiar.
Us: Really? (we look nothing alike, just both white)
Him: But you (points to me) are fatter than her (points to Steph).

(I'm 5'10", Steph is 5'2")

...silence in the cab for a minute...

Him: I mean, you are fat (points to me again), thinking we didn't understand him.
Me: But fatter is more comfortable.
Him: Oh yes, laughs, you are both beautiful.
Us: hehe Thanks, blah blah blah....

Case and point: I was called fat to my face within 24 hours of returning to Ch.ina and I did not rip the guys face off. I laughed with him and felt sympathy for him that he doesn't know better. And that he hadn't eaten 800 Italian pizzas in the last two weeks.

That is progress, people.

I guess my point is that I am thankful that I was able to get away. Thankful that I am dealing a little better, maybe I just needed to get out of my rut. Climb out of my valley.

I know that everyone's life has challenges. Life anywhere else in the world might not be any easier. And frankly, all my dreams are coming true here. I speak Chi.nese. I'm a college professor. I hold orphans on a weekly basis.

So those have been my thoughts lately. Random, but good.

In other news:

I signed a 2 YEAR contract at the gym today. (they were having an amazing sale that has rendered me completely broke, but in the long run saves me dough).


It expires October 5, 2013. (And then I'll still need to sign up for another year after that).

That is in like, forever.

I'm here for the long haul.

And if this post couldn't get more's a friendly public reminder courtesy of the Chin.ese gov...

walk slow. xoxo.

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Mom said...

I am so happy to hear of your revived spirit! Sometimes you just have to get away. I think the fact that your test is over and that you passed is a wonderful spirit lifter, too! Keep up the reporting on your daily events! I love the news!