Aug 28, 2011

baptism, bikes, and booty burnin.

Today was long and good.

(Isn't that a nice thing to say about a day?)

This morning I went back to the International Fellowship for the first time in mooooonths. I became upset over how some orphan ministry issues were handled back in like, March, and instead of handling my feelings and confronting people - I disappeared. Healthy (not). Ugh.

Well, the beauty of life is that change is possible, so I spoke with some people today, shared a little of my heart, confronted the issue, apologized for my lack of communication/confrontation skills and began the process of moving forward. In a group of people with such varying cultures and ways of doing things, beaurocracy and hierarchy of leadership can be a tricky thing.

I love and respect these people/this place, so I was so happy to be back after my summer travels.

What was especially awesome about service today was that my friend/dormmate E from Scotland was baptized! After a year of interesting discussions, I returned from Europe to find E fired up about Jesus. He's one of the most interesting and intense people I have ever met and I felt priviliged to be a part of his story and wish him well as he leaves HZ (he brought is suitcase to the chrch, and left on a train tonight - talk about dedication.) He's one of the bajillion people that I come across, learn a lot from, interact with in meaningful ways, and then seperate from probably for good.

E, me, and our friend Kevin from Cameroon:

After chrch I got to hang out with some new friends who have just arrived. We went bike shopping where I got to translate things like, "please move the bell to the left side of the handlebars," and, "please add a basket to this bike." The little worker boy loved us and it was funny to watch other customers faces as the big, white dudes tested bikes in the aisles:

We split up in the grocery store and I walked the 2 miles home with my purchase (a bike pump for my ailing tires). I spent about an hour looking up's weightloss inspiration quotes (secrets out: I'm middle aged, haha) and then I headed to the gym for an intense butt burnin' session! I was down on my body today for some reason (Chi.nese food induced constipation is probably to blame), but none-the-less I needed a good sweat-sesh at the gym to feel better about myself, so that I did.

After the gym, I walked to another grocery store to buy canvas drawers for my, "organize your room you've lived here a year get over it and do something," room make-over. I'm really proud of the outcome! Pics to come soon once I tackle laundry mountain. haha.

And now I'm here. Telling you about all of this. What a random post. Wow. What a random life. Wow.

Confronting past feelings, a friend's baptism, buying bikes,, constipation, working out, room organization. Yep, I guess that covers today.

Well, I'm off to go take some fiber pills. Cheers.

walk slow. xoxo.

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Jennifer Crouch said...

What a great day! So glad you went back and were able to be a witness to the baptism. Congrats to your friend. What great news!