Aug 21, 2011

lunch with the Xuan's.

One of my student friends at the hospital found out I was tutoring near her home each morning and invited me to have lunch with her family.

We talked about her beginning the process to immigrate to Ame.rica. (she recently spent 2 months in Cali on a hospital exchange program and has come back fired up about the American lifestyle of fre.edom and awesomness.) It's interesting to hear about the process of actually changing this part of your identity. Crazy, deep, complicated stuff.

I like the nitty gritty conversations I can have with some of my closer student-friends. I learn a lot from them and their perspectives - however varying from my own.

Then this dish showed up on our table...

I took a spoonful and announced my love of it before asking, "What is this?"

"Crab sperm tofu."

"Oh. My favorite."

walk slow. xoxo.

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agapelife said...

sperm tofu eh? I'd try it.
YOu look super adorable, as usual.