Aug 18, 2011

Foot Phone!

I've talked the foot massage place manager into "teaching" me reflexology. Apart from my desperate need for healthy touch (living in a no-hug culture is rough) and obsession with dirt cheap Ch.inese massage, the foot massage parlor is one of my fave places to practice Chin.ese.

We now can talk almost fluently, so I figured, why not learn massage from a master?! I also don't want to have lived 800 million years in Ch.ina and not learned anything cool (besides the language, of course.) Reflexology, tea culture, acupuncture, Chin.ese cooking...all things I should have some knowledge about after living here for half a century. So, why not start with a fave?

We haven't really started "classes" yet because I have not been able to download the charts he sent me online because I have an Apple computer and Chin.ese internet/programs/life is not conducive to Mac. (I couldn't download the forms).

Last night Rachel and I went in for a good foot rubbing and I brought my USB for them to transfer the charts I have to memorize...

Yikes. haha. I'm hoping that I can get by with learning the names of the pressure points verbally and not having to read the charts in their entirety. Because that might take awhile. I have the reading ability of a fetus.

Anyways, here's me and Rach with Bu Wei, foot massage extraordinaire and patient teacher to over-zealous foreigners...

After our massage, Bu Wei brought out the plastic feet models with pressure points on them. "Oh no, we're having class," I told Rach.

What I thought would be a class turned into a crash course of 4 minutes learning the points on the inside of your foot. These points are connected to our spines. Right under the big toe is the neck, alongside the arch is our spine, and our heal is our butt bone. Cool. I learned how to massage these areas and then our session quickly turned into a photo shoot. (normal).

And I had a sudden flashback to childhood-------


Did your mom ever do this to you when you were a child? Use your foot as a phone?!?! Well my mom did. All the time. And I forgot about it until last night.

Good memory.

Cheers to reflexology and childhood memories - and how they somehow combined.

walk slow. xoxo.

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Miss Lynda and Mr. Al said...

Love the "phones" and the memories. And speaking of "childhood".... Happy, Happy Birthday sweetheart! Please forgive us for not sending a card out in plenty of time. I need to get the new mailing address from your mom, but wanted you to know that we think of you daily,with love. Really enjoy reading your blog, it helps us keep up with your life and adventures so we can lift you in our hearts and souls. May you take some time, just for you on this, Your Happy Birthday! Love you sweetheart!