Jun 21, 2011

Woogie Woo turns 22.

A year ago today my mom went to a Chine.se grocery store and stared at the eel/snake/creature things in buckets for like 10 minutes.


Also a year ago today, my mom, sister and I were galavanting around Hangzhou in the rain trying to find my sister the best Chin.ese birthday cake ever. (this was a serious task).

She was 21 and we were together in Chi.na. It was bliss.

Today, the little monkey turns 22. Now, I've never been really good at math, but I'm pretty sure the fact that my baby sister is 22 makes me like 97.

Happy Birthday to the little one! Who I guess is not so little anymore...

walk slow. xoxo.

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Mom said...

Wow! What cool memories! I am so glad our grocery stores don't carry snakes and turtles!! Ha!