Jun 29, 2011

It. Is. Finished.

To quote my main man, Jesus. IT IS FINISHED. whoohoooo the longest semester in the history of mankind is now o-v-e-r.

To quote capitalism, "with Chin.ese characteristics,"


Not sure how those two thoughts relate completely, but this pic cracks me up. I was lost wandering around the city trying to find a restaurant a few nights ago and passed this message. What is awesome is that the wall is cracked, the area of town is dirty, and behind that wall is a football-field sized area of rubble. Sure, Ch.ina, keep telling yourself that.

I'm going to celebrate the end of my year-long Chin.ese study with a step aerobics class. Then off to work tonight and after, a blind massage (being beaten half to death by blind people = my weekly entertainment).

And it's raining like mad up in here, so rain boots might be replacing work heels for the time being. And I'm taking the bus instead of biking. Because rain ponchos while biking = not sexy. But wearing rainboots on the public bus smooshed between natives who don't use soap = sexy.

Pick your battles. Fortune is coming.

My brain is scattered, can you tell? ha.

walk slow. xoxo.

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