Jun 27, 2011

Faces of the HSK.

Well, the big scary standardized test that has been looming in my brain for the past year is now officially over.

*cue the angels*

I can't believe it. I'm processing the experience, so until logical words can be used, here's a walk down the HSK emotion path via self-portraits. :)

Saturday morning: heading out in the rain to the gym for a last minute stress sweat-out...feeling the pressure already -

Saturday late afternoon train ride to Shanghai - the nerves have piled up and we're not feelin' too hot! (pass the Pepto!)

Sunday morning - how I felt immediately after the test - waiting in the hallway for Angel's room to finish, feeling like the Chin.ese language just grabbed me by the balls -

Another train home, and we decided we are awesome because we can take a standardized test in Chi.nese (level 4 out of 6!) Who cares if we pass, we are awesome!

haha. And there you have the many faces/emotions of my (first) HSK experience.

Embrace emotion. :)

*HSK stands for "Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi" which means "Chine.se Language Aptitude Test." It is the standardized test for foreigners/overseas Chin.ese. It is required for foreign college students and jobs that require Chi.nese proficiency. And I've taken it. :) weee.

I've got 3 more tests this week. Lord have mercy.

walk slow. xoxo


Georgia [aka momo] said...

Hey~~ just to let you know I often have a read of your blog and I can really sympathise with everything because I'm a foreigner who's spent time in Chi.na myself...and will ultimately spend lots more time there...*gulp* haha~ I love Chi.na or I wouldn't decide to move there, but that doesn't stop it being a terrifying decision, what with it being so crazy/different over there sometimes ^^; I also study Mandarin and didn't realise until now that the "HSK" test existed...looks like it's one I'll have to take as I'm hitting university over in Zhejiang soon...*sweat* =0=; anyway! your blog is great & gives me more confidence in my life choices, stay strong you're amazing!! ♥

-Georgia, London.

Mom said...

Dad and I loved reading this entry and seeing the pictures of you and Angel. We hope that both of you passed your tests. Congratulations on even being able to attempt such a test!!!!

Ke Xiao Mei said...

Hey, Georgia! Nice to meet you! Thanks for the encouragement, you know it's nuts over here sometimes! Where in Zhejiang are you headed? I live in Hangzhou. If you pass through here, give me a shout out! Happy travels.

Georgia [aka momo] said...

I'll be heading to Shaoxing~ so quite near Hangzhou ^-^
yes certainly! & thank you~~