Jun 9, 2011

Good News and Bad News and No News.

Sorry for the lack of blogging - all 2 people who read this bloggy. :) I've been sticking with an, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all," policy - thus, my e-silence.

But here's some small life news for the blogosphere:

Good News:

Work and I have come to an agreement after much hoo-hawing and tears (from both sides) and blahh-y-blahhhing. I will still be the English teacher at the hospital next year but will reduce the class load to only one night a week. (Approx 4 hours with commuting).

I might be crazy.

But I just can't leave those monkies. I love them too much and the money is good for the little work that it is. I thought about time and importance of relationships and the ultimate reason that I am in China and concluded that I cannot severe the relationships that have been built at the hospital. So next year I will have 4 main roles - PhD student, Concordia Uni Professor, Orphan Program Manager, and Hospital English Teacher. (I might die.)

We'll see how it all pans out, but I am very happy and content with the decision to not fully quit. It was too heartbreaking. I'd miss them too much. There's so much more to talk about.

Bad News:

The verdict is in on the Great Major Change Debate and it's a no-go (and I'm an evil, rude American).

I have decided to stay here and pursue my original major - Comparative Education, but to change my advisor because my relationship with my current advisor (who I still have never met face to face) will be hard to built with such a negative foundation.

Leaving is very tempting.

But where to? I have no where else to go. I'm solidified here. I need this scholarship in order to stay in Ch.ina and do work that I love. So I stay. Half-heartedly and with bitterness in my guts.

I blame my red-hair for my aggressiveness, but here is a nice little clip of my last visit in the office:

(reminder: this conversation took place in Chin.ese, not English)

International degree-seeking students manager: "If you want to change your major, you must give up the scholarship and pay tuition."

Me: "Pay tuition? If I wanted to pay tuition I would go to America and get a real PhD."

Ha. Um...at least I'm honest?

So that's that. Other things have happened recently like dinner dates and foot massages, step aerobics classes and school assignments. Things are trucking along until summer. I can't wait. This semester seems never-ending.

So work life is great and school life is rough. I have a feeling that's how the next few years are going to be. So goes (Ch.ina) life.

walk slow. xoxo.


agapelife said...

thanks for the update. Your blog absence is always noticed :) I miss you

Jessica said...

I would agree with the above statement :) I compulsively read your blog and just gave the link to a girl who will be over there for the summer. I made a Shutterfly book of my last stint in China, it's pretty cute, made me miss you!

kendell and meifengs great adventure said...

"....If I wanted to pay tuition I would go to America and get a real PhD". ..sweet!
I enjoy your posts..kendell

mom said...

Remember things always happen for a reason. It always works out in the end! Looking forward to a great summer trip!

Miss Lynda said...

Hey Miss Jessica. Count me and Mr. Al in your bloggies. :-) Sorry that the change didn't work out, but maybe the good news about your decision to keep at least one day with the hospital will balance things out. Sometimes life is a trade-off sweetheart. And, as my wise old grandma once told me, "Keep your words seasoned well, as you may have to eat them someday!?! Use as much "salt" as possible. Love hearing about all your adventures. And love you! Have an awesome summer!