Dec 11, 2009

A Work Week in Pictures.

Monday - Wednesday in Pics...

Monday I came home to a group of workmen in my apartment installing this little UFO contraption. If anyone knows what it is, I would love to know why I have it installed over my bedroom door. It was a nice little reminder that I have no say in what goes on around here, my door can be opened at anytime without my permission. That was interesting. I keep looking at it thinking someone is watching me.

Me and Brazilian co-worker Gie at a goodbye dinner for our friend Cici. She is going to study in Michigan for 2 years. This picture is mainly for the food. It was the best meal ever, so much garlic and so much Japanese tofu goodness. Yum. How will I live without this for 2 weeks in Ame.rica?!?! Goodbye Cici, we wish you well on your journey!

Wednesday was a patriotic day in China commemorating something about I'm not really sure what it was about and even if I was, I probably couldn't post it here. Anywho, each major at the university prepared a chorus song. I loved the ones with props, like these automation majors with their stalks of wheat and sunflowers.

Or these freshmen with their re-enactments of war and citizen upheaval. Complete with (realistic) fake guns pointed at the audience. That was...lively.

Today I went shopping for Christmas gifts for the orphans. We are having the Christmas party next week and I can't wait to tell you all about it! We got blank notebooks and markers and jump ropes and pencil boxes and stickers. It should be awesome.

Yesterday one of my favorite students at the university came to visit me and we went to the Grand Canal, the man-made canal that extends all the way from here to Beijing (really far). I was really sad I forgot my camera! It has been yuck weather around here lately (wet, cold, gross, gray) but it was a great afternoon nonetheless.

Wish you were here.

Cheers. xo

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Anonymous said...

The choir with the sunflowers is a gorgious picture! I don't know why I thought the choir program would be rinky dink. It serves as a reminder that you teach at a large university! MOm :)