Dec 13, 2009

I Confess.

I outran a monk for a taxi today. He got caught up in his grey robe and sheep-skin loafers and I took the chance to jump ahead.

Now I feel guilty.

And I think it's hilarious.

In this dog-eat dog world of taxi-grabbing, I have been outrun by more people that I can count, been left on the side of the street stranded in rain and cold, wondering how I will get home. Finally after a year of losing to tiny, agile Chi.nese people who have no sense of waiting in line, I prevail at winning the taxi-hailing game and who do I shaft: somebody's spiri.tual leader.

Sorry, Monk. Next time I won't be so selfish, but what were you doing outside H&M anyway?

cheers. xo.


agapelife said...


Veiga said...

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Wang Xue Fei said...

I knew you were gonna put up your Ch.inese name at some point! So when I go back to Beijing, you want me to get you a new Mao necklace with your new character on it? I think i'll grab another Fei Fei just in case I lose mine...