Dec 7, 2009

Laughter and Dumps.

Hello, Little Blog.

I have wonderful news: I bought a camera! Finally I can document life again! yayyyy. I have felt lost for several weeks without one and now feel the need to take a picture of everything. haha. Well, yesterday (Sunday) 12 of my students from last year, and one from this year, came to my home to make dumplings and hang out. I had not seen some of them in about 7 months, so it was a great reunion. They surprised me on Saturday with a text saying, "we will come to your house tomorrow, ok?" and I was like, well, that doesn't give me much time to clean! haha. That's the way things work around here though, not much time to prepare.

They showed up Sunday afternoon with pre-made dumpling filling and everything needed for a dumpling bonanza. They stayed for about 6 hours of laughter, catching up, and reminiscing about "the good old days" (aka - english class circa 2008-2009 when I had no idea what I was doing and filled up my classes with prancing around the room smiling at my students).

Here is some photographic evidence of our afternoon filled with 200 dumplings:

Mike with the first batch of dumps:

everybody loves Mirabelle:

hard at work on the 3rd (or 4th or 5th) batch:

Today I received this email from a student about the afternoon:

"Dear Jessica,
Thank you for your kind day,I am so glad that I have seen your personal colorful life,Which
beyond my imagination,This is true of you ,so cool.I have not known that you have been so many places
in China,you chinese have improved so much,when I told you somthing that I can not impress clearly ,
you could understand me ,that feeling is so wonderful.
Although you single now ,but I see your optimistic,cheerful attitude,and your life be so colorful ,I am so glad you could lead such a wonderful life!
Tomorrow will be better and better,Let us come on!
Love you!
Oh,I nearly foret ,send me photoes we took at last ,It will be a good merory in my heart!

Precious. Love it.
Thanks for the perspective, Amy.

Cheers. xo.


Anonymous said...

My class and I read your blog today and we LOVED it!
We would like to Skype with you this Wednesday. We loved your pictures!

Mom and class!!

agapelife said...

I'm in this incredibly emotional state due to papers, finals, and the holidays....
needless to say, your post brought on a sea of tears in the middle of the stuart hall computer lab.
ugh i miss you
but i love seeing and reading about your love.
many many many blessings