Dec 3, 2009

basketball and life choices.

I am sitting here in my pajamas on a Thursday afternoon, recovering from a 100degree fever (well really, 37 degree because I live in celcius world) and thinking about my budget for Christmas decorations. Today I am making a trip to Walmart to stock up on supplies to make my home look festive! I'm stoked! I am having some Chi.nese friends over this weekend and I want my house to be in the spirit of the season so they can experience it a little bit. haha.

Well, these weeks are interesting for me. I have decided that this semester of my life will go down in the "Jessica's history book" as equal parts wonderful, strange, and mystifying.

I still have not had my thesis approved and we are at the deadline. I am supposed to graduate with a master's degree in 3 weeks, we'll see if that happens (ahhhh). My broken foot (remember that one?) has taken a turn for the worse after an orphan baby jumped on it while I was sitting side style on the floor last week. It sent me a few weeks back in the healing process, which is disheartening, but in the end I am still happy that I can wear my high heeled boots! (PTL for Clarks!) The orphan Christmas party is next week and I haven't planned a thing, or clued in any of the international mom's to it's existence (oops) and I have a new job tutoring some kids who can't speak a word of english because I am brooooke. They are so cute, though. Just mute. I am in charge of the chu.rch Christmas party with a team of others and I basically have been MIA while figuring out thesis junk (sorry guys). Oh-and I'm a college professor. AND I learned how to knit. I'm about 1/8 done with a beautiful green fuzzy concoction. And my rabbit has no food. Oops, gotta work on that one today.

So. That is my life. It's wonderful. and a mess. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Well, I take that back, I would like to have my thesis approved. STAT. Ya hear that invisible advisor in California....? Approve it. Thanks.

Here's some photos my students sent to me from a basketball game my friend Rebecca, another foreign teacher, and I went to yesterday. It was the annual freshman graduate student basketball game. Each major plays each other and Rebecca and I had students on each team so we went to cheer the xuesheng's on! Precious souls. My job makes my life here wonderful. That is one thing I think I may have trouble finding the rest of my life - a job with such a high job satisfaction rate. The job satisfaction here is limitless. And for that, I am thankful.

The losing team: sweet peas. (I'm hiding in the back right)

And the winning team: (again, hiding)...

I am missing you all greatly. I am truly happy to be here today, though. And I hope you feel the same, wherever you are.

xoxo. cheers.

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