Oct 23, 2015

While Marta Mops the Floor.

As part of my housing, the university cleaning ladies come and mop my floor and take my trash to where all the trash gets burned. Marta is the lady who comes by most often and sometimes her 4 year old boy is in tow. I haven't gotten his name yet because every time I ask his name he replies, "Baby," and this is all I've heard Marta address him as. So I call him Baby, too.

Today Marta came by to bring Baby to see Mushu and mop the floor since I've been gone and the concrete has acquired a layer of dust. When Marta comes over, she moves slowly. Mopping the floor of my tiny house takes an hour and a half. Since I can't really go anywhere during this time, Baby and Mushu and I hang out.

I think all three of us have fun.

walk slow. xoxo.

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