Oct 2, 2015

A weekend in Kayonza.

Rwanda is really stinkin' cool. 

It's a teeny-tiny country with a lake, volcanoes, safari park, and gorillas all packed into it's tightly woven borders. It seems that there are too many great places to see - that perhaps a one-year contract could only scratch the surface of discovering Rwanda. 

With this in mind, (and a desire for a hot shower - #truth), my fellow fellow and I booked our second weekend in Rwanda in a "luxury tent" at the Discover Rwanda Eco-Lodge in Kayonza. No better time than now to get going and get seeing. 

Or sitting and relaxing, which is basically what we did all weekend. 

The Discover Rwanda Eco-Lodge is a business run by Women for Women International. Genocide widows from across Eastern Province are trained in hospitality or culinary arts to find jobs or are taught basket weaving and have their goods sold in a shop for a 50% split profit with the lodge. Their children take free classes at the lodge and it the place is run entirely by Rwandans, which was nice. 

For a meager 60$ a night, we got a comfortable bed, hot amazing shower, a composting toilet, huge breakfast, and amazing views of the valley. It was incredible and very much needed after how intense this move has been. My fellow fellow was an incredible listener and we had a great time sharing stories, reading, and just looking at the valley. 

A peaceful retreat

Fanta break! So African of us. 

"Yes We Can!" 

a sentimental dress that means so many things to me, finally worn in Africa 

Eastern Province countryside 

getting' her weave on

my spoils. 

It was wonderful. Thanks, Kayonza, for being a wonderful first stop in my year-long exploration of this country! 

walk slow. xoxo. 

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