Oct 6, 2015

Morning Thoughts in Haiku.

In or out please choose 
safe under the net we sleep
then you meow again 

try new things, even 
if it scares you. but tell your
moto please slow down 

red dirt red hair red
is everywhere. you might
think this is china. 

will the lights work this morning 
water is bonus 

there are not enough 
baby wipes in the whole world 
to make me feel clean. 

small kids begging, as
I walk home to make dinner
this life is not fair 

be as curious
about the world as Afr'cans
are with redhead folk

on three continents
my cat has travelled with me 
global companion

deodorant is
useless when you haven’t done 
laundry in two weeks 

why did I bring so
much makeup to Africa
send me chocolate

I know I'm tasty
just ask the spider who bit
my leg for his lunch 

one person will not 
change the world, but isn't it 
our duty to try? 

in fifty years my 
grandchildren are going to 
think I'm a badass. 

walk to the market, 
sense overload? Nah, I would 
rather watch Netflix.

remind me again
why do others suffer while
I sit on the couch

how can it be real
that twenty years ago, blood 
flowed like a river 

is it ultimate 
forgiveness or ultimate

so many unknowns, 
what is Rwanda? I can
just scratch the surface. 

walk slow. xoxo. 

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