Oct 21, 2015

An Evening Encounter.

After a long Chinese life, certain things are striking when returning home to America:

Big gulps of fresh air. 
Blue sky. 
Extreme amounts of personal space. 
Customer service. 
Extra Large portions. 
Ice cold water. 
No honking cars. 
Clouds in the sky. 

And stars. 

In my quick turn around and journey from China - America - Rwanda, these striking things have taken a new twist because I am comparing not only America but Asia as well to Africa. It's interesting and fun to observe myself - how I encounter different things. 

Tonight I had an entire blog post planned to write out explaining that I have returned today to Kibungo. That my job officially starts Friday and I'm readjusting to solitude and village living. 

But then I went outside down the red dirt road for the lusciously warm and squishy (my fave type of food) African dinner buffet at the Catholic church. 
And the entire town's electricity went out. 

I pulled out my mini-maglite and kept wandering towards the promise of food, careful not to trip on the uneven road, and slightly embarrassed that I needed a light while the Rwandans around me walked in total darkness seemingly fine. 

Then I noticed. 

The stars. 

I can't even explain how gorgeous the stars are tonight in Kibungo, Rwanda. 

All because the entire town is lacking of artificial light. I could see the stars so clearly and bright and shiny - celestial. They twinkle. Stars twinkle. I was so surprised and in awe that I stood for several lingering moments and just looked and breathed. 

Thanks to years in smoggy China and unreliable electricity in Rwanda for that moment of utter bliss for this American. 

walk slow. xoxo. 

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reanew79 said...

I love this! It's one thing I'm looking forward to about Namibia. The stars aren't terrific in Windhoek, but I've heard amazing things about viewing them from out in the boonies. I can't wait to travel a bit more! :)