Feb 8, 2012

reality check.

I met Amanda two and a half years ago in the hospital where I teach.

She had come from her foster home in Xi'An to have a few orphan surgeries done at the hospital and it took her no time to put me to work. I was not a "visitor" to her, I was another able body. I soon found myself making homemade mashed potatoes for the babies, sending out emails asking the congregation for stroller rentals, and even accompanied her on a train to Shanghai to get a baby who would stay at my house overnight.

Amanda, she's a driver. Words I use to describe her to friends include, "steam-roller, workhorse, tanker, and machine." She gets things done. She has spent 7 years of her life running a foster home for orphans in Chi.na as a foreigner - a feet that is in many ways a miracle.

And so as I recieved word yesterday that she has recently been diagnosed with advanced cancer and is needing to be sent out of Chi.na to get first-world medical care - my heart sank.

Life is fleeting and fragile - no matter how earthly "tough" you may be. None of our bodies last forever, though there are those among us, like Amanda, who make incredible, tangible differences with their one short life.

Please join me in thoughts for Amanda - for recovering, healing, health, and strength- and for the babies and nannies. And also for the Starfish Foster home board of directors and leaders.

Visit the Starfish webpage for details on Amanda's situation and the home in general and see ways you can help.

walk slow. xoxo.


Momof5boys said...

Prayers are being sent for Amanda.

P.P said...

Dear, Jessica, Your life is very inspiring. I am planing to write my blog for my USA life as well. So follow my blog to keep me writing it.
Sorry, we did not get chance to see each other.

Ke Xiao Mei said...

Thanks, guys! Amanda has started chemo in China, still no word on if she can get outta here any time soon. Penny - How awesome you have a blog! I will definitely follow you! I would love to hear about a "laowai" in America! haha. xoxo :)