Feb 12, 2012

My 1%.

Going to school in Chi.na is a hilarious and patience-building experience.

Sometimes it's just unbelievable the way things work around here. I thought it was a crazy (lovable, interesting, beautiful - but crazy) place when I was a teacher - but then I became a student and a whole new world of upside-downness became apparent to me and it's been one big deep breathe after another since then.

Without giving you the whole shabang of what has gone down around these parts the past few days, I will tell you that there are a few key Chin.ese people in my life who have saved my hiney yet again from the torment of living in the dark/not knowing a thing/being illiterate. I call these Asian angels, "My 1%" ;)

I'm wisening up to the ways of the world and decided that instead of crying at my computer and trying for hours to do something that should take 10 minutes, I am going to have Chine.se friends do everything for me. And I will be buying a lot of people lunch/coffee/chocolate as thank-you's. It is so much easier in Chi.na to take someone to lunch than try to register for classes by yourself. And this way we get quality friend-time in. It's a win-win on many levels.

I have relied on the 1% to choose my courses, text me what courses I am in, and make my study plan for my PhD. My entire study plan. I still haven't seen it. ha.

I told my friend Leo (dear, precious Leo) to, "do whatever," and sign me up for classes. I gave him my student number and password and 30 minutes later he called me, "I signed you up for the maximum amount! You said you want to get your classes done!"

"Ahh, Leo, I work!" I said.

"No matter, you are strong," was the reply. Haha, Oh, Leo, you think too highly of me.

Turns out, it is 5 classes for the semester total. 3 at a time thanks to the quarter system - not too bad.

I figured I had at least a week until classes started so I was just chilling until I saw a friend at a restaurant last night. "Classes start Monday," she said.

WHAT. As in ---tomorrow?!

I had no idea. No one told us when classes start.

So tonight I texted another member of my 1% (gotta spread the love), gave her my passwords, and asked her to text me my schedule if I have classes tomorrow. Sure enough, I have two classes tomorrow. haha. Good thing I have some extra notebooks lying around!

This place. It kills every part of the type-a planner/control-freak/need for clear communication in me. God had a grand sense of humor when he placed this country on my heart as a child and then planned a long stay here for my life.

Character building. That's what I call weeks like these. And a chance to really find out how much I love, appreciate, and am blessed by my 1% - the people I call in a crisis, the people who aid my life in immeasurable ways. The only reason I know what classes I am signed up for. If I had no Chi.nese friend to call and do my junk for me, I would not be signed up for school. Simple as that.

So, PTL. Yet again I have been diverted from crisis, lovingly cared for, and delivered from stressful situations.

School is Chi.na is hard. People are good.

Who is your 1%? Go love them.

MuShu says so...

walk slow. xoxo.

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