Feb 21, 2012

google, ear mites, stealth photos, and a date.

I'm in a mood for random facts.

For instance: things I have googled since I turned on my computer this morning:
-how to use a french press
-how many times do Hindu's believe they reincarnate and what happens after that?
-what is the life span of ear mites
-how often should you wash curly hair?
-top non-meat protein sources
-when does america's next top model start?

ha. Look over your google searches sometimes, it's a hoot.

Something that's not a hoot is that baby kitty Mushu has ear mites. You would hve cracked up watching my breakdown over this a few nights ago. I was crying, holding him, and googling, "home remedies for ear mites in cats." I poured olive oil in his ear and dug around in his ear crevices until my usually mellow little man was meow'ing with discontent. Poor little doodlebug. I went to the "Doggy House" and got him imported french ear drops after a long chat in Chin.ese with the worker about which drops were best for my cat, (note to self: google, "how to say Siamese" in Chin.ese)...

Kitten ownership is showing me what kind of parent I will be. I was so distraught over him having a problem, that I bought him a billion little toys along with the ear drops. My friend told me that my kids are going to be faking illnesses one day! ha. No way. I'm just committed to this kitty doodle and the thought of him having any health ailment makes my heart so sad. So, until those pesky ear mites are gone, (lifespan of 21 days, thanks Google), we will ear drop our hearts out.

the back of the box warns agains lack of sufficient studies in, "pregnant queens and bitches..." I love Chinglish...

I also love to take pictures of people at the gym. Check out this awesome outfit, complete with a red scarf. When I'm old, I'm going to wear dresses and tights to the gym too...

I went on a date last night. He's not the love of my life, but he is a good guy so I thought I'd give him an evening. And I like saying things like, "tell me what it is like in Ethiopia..." ha. But there won't be a second date, because I don't want to spend my emotional energy on someone who is not meant for me. Gotta save it for whoever is out there. Somewhere. Hopefully saving their emotional energy for me, too.

Several funny things came out of the evening, though. (of course.) I was getting ready and my neighbor Mike knocked on my door. "How do I look?" I asked. "Like Alice in Wonderland," was his reply.

I changed.

Then asked again. He looked at me for a long time and said, "You have athletic legs, you should play rugby!" (on the all-male team he plays on in HZ). Um, that is NOT what a girl wants to hear before a date. haha. That I should play rugby with the boys. Ai-yi-yi.

I'm off to google, "how is this hilarious story my life?" and see what it says. Then put on my fanciest dress and hit the gym with all the other queens and bitches.

walk slow. xoxo.

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you're such a good writer.