Apr 14, 2011

today. exhaustion. goodness. ugh.

Today I woke up at 7:30. I have to leave my house by 7:45 for class. That was fun. Not.

Went to class until 11:30, had lunch, did some paper work in the office, then was picked up by Michael for a trip to the orphanage with the visiting Americans.

You aren't allowed to take any pictures at the orphanage, but we snuck in a few shots like this one from far away. The orphanage is gov sponsored and really nice, but like most Chi.nese things - feels hollow.
These are some foster parents - notice their age - bringing the children by the orphanage to play. My city is one of the first cities in Chi.na to have a developed foster parent system.

Then I went to work, then a fancy dinner with a head cardiologist from California with a major "God-syndrome." Homeboy is natively Chine.se was not messin around with his ego. Bah. To take the edge off, me and Michael had ourselves a photo shoot when he went to the bathroom.

And 3 hours of karoake later, all the residents and doctors had gone back to their hotel...leaving me and Michael alone in the VIP karaoke room belting our favorite Chin.ese songs and chugging the rest of the opened beers. One of my top ten fun times in Chin.a for sure.

Now I'm home. And telling myself to never, ever complain about my life.

walk slow. xoxo.

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Mom said...

Amen! Remember your goal! (Sorry I couldn't resist being Mom)

See you soon!