Apr 30, 2011

my chicken meat hurts (and other stories.)

Fun fact:

In Chinese, the word for "muscle" (肌肉) (Jīròu) as the same pronounciation as "chicken meat" (鸡肉) (Jīròu), just a different first character, but the verbal sound is the same. (#chineseisridiculous).

My classmate Steph and I went to a yoga class (my first!) yesterday morning before Friday afternoon class. Today, my chicken meat hurts in weird places. Not like painfully sore, but rather awkwardly sore. I like it.

The teacher is a bearded Chinese man (rare) whose English name is listed on the class schedule chart as "Hono." He can flip his body around like a wet Chi.nese noodle. On the contrary, I can't touch my toes. Ha.

I was suuuuper nervous to take the class but thanks to a reminder from a friend to, "break the fear wall," I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it. "Hono" kept coming to the back of the class to see if I was still alive (I turned beat red and was shaking like a leaf for like 30 minutes straight, but I made it). At one point he pressed hard on my back while I was in a "butt in the air" position to get my stretch to be deeper. The only thing I could think was, "please don't fart on the bearded asian man, please don't fart on the bearded asian man." Ha.

After yoga was class, home to do homework, KTV with some of my nurse students, and then a 3 dollar manicure and 7 dollar foot massage with my friend Jessica. I'm telling you, don't listen when I complain. Chi.na's living standard and ignorance may suck, but the cheap pampering sure doesn't! Yoga, karaoke, manicure and massage in one day...who am I?

Today was all aout getting life together. I stll haden't cleaned up or fully unpaced from America and my dirty room has been messing with my head. After cleaning, lunch of frozen dumplings, lesson planning, and some more homework, Xiao Wu knocked on my door for his lesson! I just got paid 15 bucks to read Bert and Ernie books with him that I brought back from the Target dollar section. Looove it.

And half of that 15 bucks is going to be used on another massage tonight.

I'm tellin' you. Life's rough. ;)

Here's some pics from KTV with the nurses. I was so happy when Qian Qian texted me inviting me to hang out. These 2 girls come to class randomly as their night shift schedules allow. That I am just now getting invited to outside activities shows how long it takes to make true friends in Ch.ina. I've known them since September and we are finally hanging out outside of class. I'm telling you - Chi.na is not a short term place. People who think they can go to a country for a year (or even 2) and come away knowing the culture deeply and having "made a difference" are smokin' something. Real change, real relationships, real heart change takes time. Long time. Whooo, rant over.

This is Qian Qian, she's an ER nurse and she's awesome.

Qian Qian, Shen Qiang and Me. They are bff's. Shen Qiang and I are currently masterminding a set-up between Qian Qian and one of my male students. I can't wait til they thank us on their wedding day. (I kid...kinda). :)

Qian Qian's roomie and friend were also on hand for the singing extravaganza. We sang Chin.ese songs and spoke Chi.nese. Because they know me as their teacher, I'm never really sure what language to use. But really, we communicate better in Chin.ese. I am conflicted with whether to make them speak English to me to practice, or just let conversation flow into Chin.ese since that is 4/5 people's native tongue. I'm often not sure what language to use when hanging out with my students. I just use a "if they speak in Chi.nese to me, respond in Chi.nese, and vice-versa," method.

Sweet souls.

Well, I'm off to get on the bus and meet a friend for our Saturday night massage. Gotta rub down the sore chicken meat. :)

walk slow. xoxo


agapelife said...

so pleased you like yoga, I've been dying to take a class and haven't broken my own fear wall yet! I guess I'll just have to.

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