Apr 29, 2011

school talk.

Today in class my head teacher came up to me and asked what will happen with my grades since I didn't take midterms.

This put me on the defensive (since in my mind she did not do her best to help me in the situation). I told her that I felt that everyone was saying different things and that I didn't know who to trust. (may have also thrown in that I didn't understand why Chin.ese people don't say things straight up - oops).

After class I had some paperwork to fill out so I went to the office of the teacher's in charge of language students (not degree students). Technically right now I am a language student who will become a degree student, so what office to go to gets blurred for this year.

While filling out my paperwork I threw out there that I was worried I might be sent home for not being allowed to take midterms. I have a good relationship with both the language deans and they looked at me like I was crazy - "Mei shi, mei shi," (no problem, forget it), they said over and over as I spewed off my worries in Chin.ese. "Really?" I asked, one teacher said in English, "we could send you home, but that doesn't mean we will." Then they both laughed at me for being so worried.

So I guess that's that. I wish I would have gone to them sooner - I would have had a lot more peace of mind over the last few days. I also want to shove a chocolate bunny in my head teacher's face for being so abrasive and unhelpful...but I'll refrain.

While I was doing the office thing, I went over to another building to the degree student's head teacher and asked to change my major. I have been thinking for awhile about changing my major to Chin.ese Philosophy from Comparative Education. With the semester half over, it is time to start this process because after June, all degree students are solidified in their majors (no changing allowed - Chin.ese students are never allowed to change majors once they start and often have limited choice based on test scores).

Usually the degree teacher scares me. Once I threw my passport on the table in his office. He's often wrong, uncooperative, and a horrible comunicator in every language (I have a lot of nice things to say about the teachers at this school, huh?) He made me cry the day I turned my application into his office a year ago and I've held ill-will ever since.

Knowing that my perception of him needs some sharpening and that I need to have a more open heart and mind to these people, I went into his office gently and with meek spirit (hard for me, but worth it).

First he said, "no," I couldn't change my major. Then 2 seconds later asked to what major and why. I explained that because I am in Chi.na I want to study Chin.ese things and he perked up. (it's amazing what appealing to nationalism can do for you).

He got my application out (after digging for 5 minutes through cardboard boxees where he apparently keeps all student files?) and explained that I need to ask my supervising teacher (who I have never met) if I can be released from the education department. Then I need to get a philosophy department teacher to accept me. This is all normal and expected. I need to re-tweek my research proposal and make it more applicable to a philosophy degree.

So, that ball is rolling. My heart is content that I'm not going to fail because I went to America during mid-terms, and hopefully I'll be in the right major soon.

Here, have a pretty, Chi.na picture for sitting through all that school talk...

The Emperor's Summer Palace, Beijing, 2009.

walk slow. xoxo.


agapelife said...

philosophy eh? have come over to the dark side of abstraction!

Ke Xiao Mei said...

well..kind of. It's not "real" philosophy, it's "Chinese" philosophy. I'm doing the evolution of Chinese educational philosophy. The real reason is because I was encouraged to get a degree in something "chinese" by my future employer and the only PhD offered with a chinese concentration is Ch philosophy. Decision made for me. hahaha.

agapelife said...