Apr 20, 2011

Hello from Boston.

Again, I find myself alone in an airport. But this time, everyone speaks English, I can buy all the candy, magazines, and bottled Sprite my heart desires, and nobody is hawking loogies near me.

Gosh, I love America.

My parents and I are enroute to Florida, but because I'm on a "multi-city" ticket included in my Chi.na roundtrip ticket, we are on seperate flights/airlines/terminals.

Have a glimpse of our time in Boston, it's been wonderful:

Crisp air and blue skies!

mom and I after the Boston Marathon 5K!

the church where Paul Revere lit the lantern to signal that the "British are coming!"

the world record for the men's marathon was crushed in a time of 2:03...somethin' somethin'...it was a big day for running...both winners were Kenyans.

Of course, my dad came in a close second. ;) Cheers to my dad's 7th Boston Marathon.

See you in Florida. I'm so excited to see my dogs and sleep in my own bed.

walk slow. xoxo.

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