Apr 14, 2011

A 900 blog post kinda day.

Every hour of my day could have it's own story.

I could tell you that I was bumped into by a car while I was riding my bike, so now my leg is bruised and her driver's side window is bruised (not really, but I slammed it in a fit of anger, oops).

I could tell you how I skipped both my classes and my head teacher called me while I was having lunch to ask me where I was.

I could tell you how a man yelled out to me in Chi.nese, "Foreigner, your butt is too big!" So I responded, "Chin.ese man, your penis is too small!"

I could tell you how at the gym my treadmill was not working so I called over the little baby worker boy and told him about it, he just stared at me shocked, then went over to another worker to explain to them that I spoke Chine.se, without ever responding to me.

I could tell you how when I got to work and asked one of my students how her week was she responded, "I had an abortion. I feel great." This then prompted a 30 minute discussion amongst my darling doctors about how more and more of their friends are getting abortions because of the nuclear air from Japan. This apparently is causing their babies to not grow properly so they terminate at 3 months. (the sad thing is that statements like this don't shock me anymore.) I teared up looking into her face. "I'll have a baby in the future," she said.

I could tell you how I went to the hair place and had a great chat with my friends there. My regular hair dresser was on his day off so I had a different guy. He showed me his tattoo he did himself when he was 15 (on his hand) and asked me to find him a "shorter" American girlfriend because, "American girls don't care if their boyfriends own houses." This is a huge issue right now for young Chin.ese guys. If you don't own a house you wil have trouble finding a girlfriend. I told him I'd do my best. haha.

I could tell you how I ate 4 mangos for dinner.

Or...I could just tell you that I am going to America tomorrow. That is the greatest statement in all the land - I AM GOING TO AMERICA TOMORROW!

yep, that's all I wanna say. :)

walk slow. xoxo.


agapelife said...

"your penis is too small"
I have never loved you more than when I read this.

Jenna & Liz said...

and i might see you (i hope) it's gonna be a stretch, but we're gonna try real hard.