Jan 23, 2011

Vacation is Awesome.

I'm not sure there are many better ways to spend a day than today.

This afternoon we all met up for 2 hours of glorious KTV. Then we went to dinner and the night market - all very awesome things.

After buying out the night market (pearls! mittens! hats! socks!) we proceeded to the foot massage place. My foot massager texted me a few days ago that his store had moved locations. After a little fanagling, we found it and in we went for another foot massage adventure - seriously one of my favorite things with some of my favorite non-english speaking natives.

Because it is a new place, they decided to have a photo shoot of us:

About one hour into the massage, Bu Wei (the boss man, my friend) decided that my bruised knee from yesterday's fall needed some fixing. The fix would be to place hot cups around the bruise to pull out the blood to other areas and help it heal faster.

So before I knew what was coming, I had flaming glass balls attached to my bruised knee...

then, because I stopped caring, he placed them on the bottom of my feet, too. I have previously opted out of this part of the massage. Though, when my mom was here, she loved this!

This is what my leg looks like. I don't really believe in the medicinal aid of hot cupping. I think he just gave me more bruises. But whatever. When in Rome. I mean, Chi.na.

Then we had a little photo shoot with our new socks and our fave foot rubber.

and our other two fave foot rubber extraordinaires...

KTV, dinner, night market, and 2 hours of massage/stretching/picture taking = awesome day.

...When in Chi.na!

walk slow. xoxo.


agapelife said...

vacation sounds AWESOME!....one more paper to go and some editing then I'm on my one week vaca!

Mom said...

I"M SO JEALOUS!!!! Ha! I recognize the guy that was so SLEEPY the day we went there. The new shop looks great! I found a shop in Citrus Park Mall that does foot massages. We might have to go there when you are home.