Jan 2, 2011

Animal Rescue 101.

Going to the grocery store in Chi.na is an experience.

Heck, walking out the door in Chi.na is an experience, but I'm being a little more specific here.

Today I spent at least 10 minutes at the grocery store flipping over the turtles who were struggling on their backs, rolling over each other and flailing their arms in the air.

My finished product:

little turtle doods in straight lines.

It's bad enogh they are eventually going to end up as turtle soup. The poor little guys shouldn't have to struggle while being netted up and on display while still alive.

But I was too late to help these guys...

dried ducks...anyone?

And yes, Mom, I washed my hands.

walk slow. xoxo.


Jenna said...

still waiting for you to send me your address and dimensions of your toaster oven.

agapelife said...

you really do live in a different world.

Ke Xiao Mei said...

Ah sorry Jenna! I'm usually really awkward when people ask me for my address because it's so expensive to send things here I just avoid the question. haha. Gotta stop being weird.

Ok, here's my address, it needs both Chinese and English to get here:


Zhejiang University Yuquan Campus
Overseas Students Building
Box 1542
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China 310027

And about the toaster oven, I don't know the dimensions because it's all in Chinese and I dont know how to estimate, um, it's small. I use a plate as a baking dish and it uses up the whole thing....

I'm going to america soon though....so letters would be AWESOME! Its sooooooo expensive to send packages, but letters are cheap and so meaningful! ahhhh! make sure you give me your address too! Sorry that took forever to get back to you....

Mom said...

Ugh! Turtle soup does not sound good!!!! I feel so sad for the live food in the grocery store!

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