Oct 29, 2010

Seaweed and other joys.

Today I woke up in a no-good-very-bad mood.

I might be the fact taht winter has shown up with a vengence, leaving Fall completely out of the picture and I was shivering in my sleep. I'm not sure what it was, but for some reason I woke up with a scowl.

Well that's no way to start a day. So I decided to change it.

And look for things that made me happy throughout the day.

Here's one: the view from my workplace:

On Fridays I rush after class to work to facilitate an "english corner" of sorts. It's supposed to be an hour long lunch time english lesson for whoever is not signed up for my evening classes. It has turned into a close group of 7 women doctors who I really like. We meet in a conference room on the 15th floor of the hospital. Today we played Taboo on cards I home-made, last week we read poetry. (and I get paid for this, haha). This photo is the gorgeous view of the West Lake from our room. Having a job I like (again) and Hangzhou's scenery are for sure things to be happy about.

Seaweed Pringles:

Yes, they are green. They were a new discovery at the grovery store today and despite the hefty price tag (15RMB), I had to try them. I may or may not have just eaten half the can. Oops. I love all things seaweed! And look at that hilarious picture on the can!

Today I had 2 classes, work, poetry group (!!!!), grocery shopped, walked 2 miles home with my crap because there were no taxis, cleaned my room, and now I'm baking a cake in my crockpot for a picnic with some old students tomorrow. Then I'll study a little bit and call it a day.

Happy Friday to you.

walk slow. xoxo.

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agapelife said...

keep paying attention to the "little things" they add up to make one big happy life.