Oct 23, 2010


My beautiful friend Olga got married today.

It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed.

Two months ago Olga and Abel had a civil ceremony in their home country - the Congo. But being as they both live longterm in Chi.na (for school) they knew that they needed to sanctify the marriage and decided to do it here with their chrch family around them.

It. was. incredible.

The officiant was from New Zealand. The ring bearer was from Ecuador and the flower girl from Nigeria. The bridesmaid was from Ghana. The songs were sung in English and the vows were said in French. The photographer was from Germany and the videographer from Hong Kong. A woman from the Bahamas caught the bouquet. People in the crowd were from every continent but Antarctica.

And when the groom kissed his bride a Congolese chant erupted through the rafters that sent the New Zealand-ite pastor into a bouncing frenzy of happiness.

There was dancing. There was unrestrained joy. There was praise for this new life beginning. It was casual yet reverant, loud yet peaceful. Unlike any wedding I have ever heard of.

It was contagious joy.

Take a look at some kodak moments:

baby Grace waiting for the ceremony to begin:

the HICF (Hangzhou Int. Chrstian Fellowship) people in attendance:

the bride and groom walking down the aisle:

the bridesmaid and groomsman:

listening to the sermon:

me and the beautiful bride:
right after their parents called into the service!

It was moving. We are all far away from our homes, yet surrounded by love.

Here's wishing a lifetime of happiness to Olga and Abel.

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agapelife said...

so beautiful, what an experience.