Oct 17, 2010


My mommy loves me:

This tri-cycle driver, however, does not:

Oh well, you can't win 'em all.

I got a package to end all packages yesterday which was the perfect punctuation to a really awkward day. Whoohooooo. I was the envy of the dorm (still weird to me that I live in a dorm...but whatevs). When I translated the cost of shipping said package for the workers in the dorm, they freaked out. It's about how much money they make a month. This either means international shipping is outrageous, or they are under-paid slaves. (I vote both).

Today after morning services a friend and I went to the furniture market to help ourselves "nest." I still can't afford a fridge, but gosh darn it I need somewhere to put my clothes. The weather is changing fast which means autumn and winter clothes have come out of hiding from the depths of my luggages and have made their way to my floor, with no where else really to go.

That needed to change, so it did.

Today I bought a beauty: a used, decently crappy set of dresser drawers. I am stoked on this find becuase drawers are rare and usually expensive! Even a set of plastic ones in the grocery store run for about $50USD. It's nuts. But I got my broken/dusty/used beauty for about $9USD. Whoohooooo!

My friend got a couch for 30RMB ($4.50USD) less than I did - darn, she bartered better than me! :/ Oh well, can't win 'em all.

We paid this dude to drive our stuff home. Because we can't write our own address (note to self - learn how to write address. But geez louise I just learned how to write my chin.ese name last week! That will take time...) he was kind of thrown off. He would not listen to us, just demanded that we write our address, when we were speaking perfect chin.ese to him giving him detailed, simple directions. He just would not listen.

I ended up completely losing patience and acting like a nasty person. Finger pointing and chinese ranting. I wanted to let him know I thought he was a little monkey turd. Ugh. Embarrassing. I apologized and paid him extra and he walked away smiling and unscathed, not really aware that I was really mad. But I knew.

It is common discussion among foreigners who are here a long time that living in Chi.na makes you a nasty person because the environment is so hostile/harsh. I'm really trying not to be one of those people but today I failed. But tomorrow is a new day, and I believe in mercy.

When I came home and saw all the things I just recieved in the mail I was reminded how blessed I am. I have no business being a snot-head to people who have so much less than me.
I need to learn to be more patient when in stressful encounters with chin.ese people.

Live and learn. :)

Walk slow. xoxo.

PS: I have a dresser, I have a dresser, I have a dresser, hey-hey-hey-hey! :)


Anonymous said...

you are a very blessed girl :) so glad you found a dresser and got a badmamajama care package. dont get nasty- you're too pretty to be nasty. <3 u, elle

Mom said...

It's neat to see all the stuff I sent actually got to you. But, where are the pink rain boots? I sure hope they made it there, too!