Jul 3, 2010

Twelve Days.

My mom and sister came to China:


...spent 6 days in Hangz.hou where we visited the doctors, held orphans, visited tea fields, saw a show on the West Lake, rode a boat on the lake, went to a temple, saw Buddhist carvings, ate dinner with groups of my friends, got our hair done, had 3 foot massages, got our nails done, and spent the day in Xiasha visiting my workplace/students:

...spent 3 days in Beijing so mom could have her request granted to, "see the things people see." We went to the Summer Palace, Great Wall, Forbidden City, Wangfujing Food Street, Tiannenman Square, 2008 Olympic Park, Ming Tombs, and Pearl Market.

...spent the last day at the World Expo in Shanghai, USA! USA!

Jen gettin' her hair did by my favorite shui ge's in Hangz.hou...

We ate about 300 million dumplings (and 2 green tea blizzards from Dairy Queen - mom's orders).
Mom only had a minor freak out when we left her alone for 10 minutes in the Hangz.hou train station...
Mom showed us once again why she rocks when she purchased this flower hat and wore it around the Forbidden Palace/Tiannenman Square. We had about 698 pictures taken of us as a result.

I moved out of my apartment :(

On the Mutianyu section of the Wall...

Best mom/sister quotes:

"I do not want to eat noodles. No." -mom
"Can we eat at that place where we keep seeing foreigners?" -mom
"Do they have post offices here?" -mom
"This whole country needs to be pressure washed with clorox." -mom
"Jennifer, she has a stuffed cat in her bag." -to a random stranger, - mom
"I like to talk to my dogs on the phone." -to a random chinese person - mom
"I just saw a man taking a dump in the trees." -Jennifer, while riding the public bus
"After this, I really love Amer.ica." -mom

It was fast. It was surreal. It was fun. We are now all home together. PTL.

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agapelife said...

great post! I wish I could come visit!...maybe some day I will.