Jul 18, 2010


Like my new blog? Thanks, Liz for the suggestion!

So, my blog has decided to move all my "gadgets" (pictures, bio, and such) to the bottom of my blog. How can I fix this to return to the right hand side like it should be? After much ado, I can't figure it out.

Any suggestions, bloggies?



linds said...

Hey Friend :0) I was just looking around on my blog to see if I could help. Try this: click on settings --> then Design ---> then at the top of this page it says that you can click and drag to rearrange page elements on your blog. So if you hover over one of the little boxes an arrow thing should show up and you can click and drag to where you want it. Hope this works! :0)

Anonymous said...
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agapelife said...

They're so cool!!! good for them