Jun 16, 2010


So my family is on a plane to Chi.na right now. Actually, they are on a plane to Detroit, then a plane to Tokyo, then a plane to Shanghai. They are 3 hours deep into their flight to Detroit. Bless their hearts, it's a looong journey. I know it well, having flown between China and the US 7 times. (It'll be 9 by the end of July). Poor souls. It's good, "me, myself, and I," time, though. Good time to spend with yourself.

I think I might die when I see them. I'm not sure my emotion capacity can take it!

Anywho - that's not what this post is about.

This post is about my favorite people in Chi.na:

The doctors.

(in their office. Stone -left- is on duty, while the rest of us are just farting around. Michael - center- is showing off his gift box of socks someone gave him. Christina - right- is thinking they are both nutso. She's right. haha.):

These are the people I'd go to bat for. Everytime I leave them I feel like I'm walking on air.

Tonight I met Dr. Xu at Starbucks and about 2 hours into our little chat he decided to take me to the hospital to visit the other two docs and see the newly painted room for the orphans. The organization Amway donated the money to re-vamp the room, complete with wall and ceiling mural, clock, lamps, microwave, toys, and shelving unit. It really looks great. I hadn't been to visit since they did the project last month. Sadly, I got no pictures because I was too busy playing with the 3 orphans who are in town for heart surgeries.

It's the last time we will all be together this year because Stone has to go home for some family things this Saturday. I was really sad to leave him in the hospital! But after 2 months, I'll be back and life will be back to "normal." That's one of the hard things about having this kind of traveling life - you keep leaving the people you love for prolonged periods of time because of travel or visa things. Oh well. August will come soon enough and we will be reunited.

Us under the cardiac surgery sign, they wanted a picture here to signify their work:

Probably the best part of the evening was our spending 30 minutes discussing the meaning of the words "shady" and "ambiguous." As I got out of Michael's car to go into my gate, he yelled after me, "Don't be shady!"

Ayy yi yi. hahaha.

I love those monkeys. They are quite possibly the funniest people I know. Shady, but funny.

I can't wait for my mom to meet them soon.

walk slow. xoxo.


.elle.b. said...

you're so shady. shady lady!

Mom said...

I LOVE the doctors!!!