Jul 29, 2010

freak job nut case.

I've been a freak-job-nut-case for the past 24 hours over a boy who hasn't been mine for over 10 months.

I'll spare you the details.

This brings me to my idea of the day: I want to write a book about dating in China. It would be so entertaining. I imagine a cover with a bouquet of sparkly stuffed bears a la Asia and a title somewhere along the lines of: You Had Me at Karaoke: And Other Tales of Asian Love or Honey, I Burned the Rice, Again. This is now being added to my life list of "awesome fun things to maybe do in your lifetime if you feel like it, but no pressure." (I don't believe in bucket lists).

I emailed a friend and she responded with a perfectly appropriate (possibly googled) response from a fave childhood sitcom:

"Maybe part of loving is learning to let go."

-the wonder years. (classic, eh?)

Let that soak in awhile. I know I am.

Walk slow. xoxo.

1 comment:

agapelife said...

seriously...please write that book! It would be awesome.
Ugh loving is all about letting go, even when the boy is yours.
love you