Jul 20, 2010


Dear passengers in Delta flight *** seats 29 A and C - leaving tomorrow for Seoul via Detroit and Tokyo,

You're Welcome.

I'm glad to give you the extra leg room.

That middle seat is mine, but I won't be needing it. I'm staying home a little while longer. Because of complicated immigration laws passed in July, I can't join you in this overseas journey - but no worries, I'll be joining you in Asia in a month.

Give Ko.rea a big kiss for me. And tell her I hope to visit again someday. Make sure you eat bim bim bop, go to the DMZ, get scrubbed down at a jimjilbang spa and pay your respects at the Kore.an War Museum. You won't regret it. Enjoy.

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? I do.

Have a nice flight!



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Anonymous said...

I like your new header! My friend Erin did a tutorial on how to make your black and white photos have certain things be certain colors. I bet you could do that with your hair in that pic instead of fading it into B & W! You may have to have photoshop though...

I love reading about your adventures! You have such a great way of describing people and your interactions with them; it cracks me up.